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Lesson Plans

1) Curing Cancer with the Wave Properties of Light

  • Duration: 50 Minutes 

  • Subjects: Physics, Grades 9-12

  • Includes: Video and Experiments

  • Description: Through a humorous video (coming soon!), students learn that light is an electric and magnetic field oscillating up and down (an electromagnetic wave), and this means that light pushes charged particles up and down. The video explains how researchers are using this concept to heat and explode cancer cells using infrared light and gold nanoparticles, and students watch footage of an exploding cell. Next, students interact with springs to gain a tactile understanding of the resonance that occurs in gold nanoparticles. Finally, students shine different colored lights to see which can pass through human tissues. 

       Teacher Material      Student Handout

2) Using Machine Learning to Predict the Future and Save Patients' Lives 

Coming Soon!


Description: Students will learn how researchers are using machine learning on physiological data to predict 24 hours in advance whether a patient will experience septic shock. The algorithms alert doctors so that they treat patients before shock occurs. Students will learn how to code a simple machine learning algorithm and then run the algorithm on patient data to predict septic shock.

More Lessons Coming Soon

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